Friday, August 20


thanks for visiting four eyes. i have now retired this blog and moved on to another one. it was a very short time for it to be up, but i really enjoyed sharing my pictures.

i wanted to evolve my blogging to share my passion for food and plant based eating i have created a new blog at:

please redirect your browsers to my new blog, i hope to find my old followers/ readers at my new one.

Monday, August 16

godess melons

these melons are so sweet, and rich in flavor.

Saturday, August 14

farmers market

purple basil, my favorite!
one of my favorite ways to spend saturday mornings is at the farmers market. everything is so fresh and people are so nice. i picked up some beautiful kale, melons, gypsy peppers, purple bell peppers, onions all organic and locally produced.

Friday, August 13

taco salad, sesame truffles

i assembled a taco salad with organic corn (so good fresh and raw!) and hatch chiles from new mexico. i also recycled the nut meat recipe from ani phyo's blog.
i made these truffles with no recipe and they came out amazing. they consisted of raw cacao, shelled hemp seeds, pecans, dates, and a few other things.

Thursday, August 12

pecan coconut cacao pie

another recipe i made up on the spot for a raw pie. it was so yummy and hit the spot after a one and half hour hot yoga class.

Sunday, August 8

friends and thoughts

wow, this year has been a blast so far. i've done so much! i feel so grateful of all of the amazing people in my life. i wouldn't change it for the world. as times changes more things start to shift and people go in different directions. at least for this one post all of my love is in one spot.

Sunday, August 1

nearly raw avocado burgers

i used the recipe for the cheese from choosing raw! to spread on the sprouted grain buns! i also topped with tons of veggies and sliced a huge avocado wedge and placed it in the middle.

Saturday, July 31

salad and music

blueberries, walnuts, sesame seeds, cucumbers and one whole bunch of red kale!
i like to start my day off with a big bowl of salad and healthy dose of good tunes.

Wednesday, July 28

Raw taco's and pie

raw taco meat inspired by ani phyo's eco-lifestyle and raw foods
and for my late night sweet tooth i assembled a mini raw chocolate pie. the crust was sweet and salty and amazing tasting. i filled the crust with chocolate avocado puree and might i say it was the best way to end a long day! what beautiful food i'm so grateful of!