Sunday, February 28

february recap

friends at my birthday potluck (photo by ashley jennings)
rachel and i at my birthday potluck (photo by ashley jennings)
jr's with the besties
yum falafel
i had to put this one in there

february recap

lunch with dad
ashley at confluence park
leo and jessica at manu's house warming
kyomi and rachel

city lights

Saturday, February 27

winter squash

one of the best thing winter has to offer, squash! i stuffed the roasted acorn squash with cranberries, seasoned rice pilaf and toasted almonds.

clubmaster part two

i lost my last pair of glasses that i loved so much so i replaced them. they took out the original lenses and made these sunglasses prescription.


today one of my friends from work came over, and i cut her hair.

Friday, February 26

Tofu time

Rachel and I went out for some yummy sesame tofu.

Wednesday, February 24


fresh food rules.

Tuesday, February 23

going out

not much has been going on lately. just normal days and quiet nights, which is nice after the busyness at work. today was one of my days off and i spent it with my good friend april.

Saturday, February 20

quiet nights

vegan dress shoes, frick yeah.
another snowy saturday in with the mars volta. i got some new dress shoes in the mail from vegetarian shoes in the uk.

Friday, February 19

lunch before work

more snow, with no sun in sight.

Thursday, February 18


frozen grapes = the bomb
harry potter movie marathon. well, we could only watch two of the movies, because it was getting pretty late.

Wednesday, February 17


i stuffed 3 cloves of garlic in the sucker

marinara cappelini and lemon roasted artichokes, yum!

Tuesday, February 16


i've given up on onion breath
what a good feeling to be around so many people you love.


new boots, and a sunny day out in the park.

Monday, February 15


lunch time

eat your greens!
quick lunch before work.

Sunday, February 14


just another routine day.

Saturday, February 13


although i'm not the biggest fan of cold weather. it can also be very comforting. it's the little things that matter the most in winter, because we have to stay indoors for most of it. for me it's fresh food, a warm bed to sleep in and all of the special people in my life.

Friday, February 12

night in

kale and tempeh stir fry.
i've been in the strangest mood all day. the dreary weather has the ability to make time so slow. all i want to do is sleep for days.

Thursday, February 11



breakfast at watercourse.
thanks jamie!
tofutti cream cheese is my bff.