Thursday, April 29


I've been putting off a lot of things lately. But today I finally gave the spider babies new pots.

Tuesday, April 27


"no matter what you do, life surrounds you."

i've been finding myself going on random walks around the neighborhood.

Monday, April 26

my beach house

complete with waterfall. just replayed wind waker on gamecube..

Sunday, April 25


down the street from my apartment there is a condemned junior high school.. i've never actually been on the property until today, and with the rain it was pretty creepy.

Saturday, April 24

vegan pizza pie

rolling the dough out..
a full assembled vegan pizza isn't a pizza without daiya cheese on it!
cooling rack
today has been my laundry, veg out and catch up on everything in my life day. i had a major craving for pizza and a lot of spare time. Needless to say it came out yummy and perfect.

Friday, April 23


my spider plant babies have finally grown long enough roots to be repotted.
it's been a rainy the past few days. that means naps, chai tea and tons of reading.

Thursday, April 22


i love my weetabix
"lightbulb hanging over my head i hope your never gonna go out."
i seriously have been living out of my bed.

lately things have been pretty quiet. i've had some serious allergies due to spring time so i've been indoors.

Sunday, April 18


this is my friend nick. we've been friends since forever ago.

it feels good...

lazy day at the park.
order of the phoenix!
i can eat bananas for days. listen to yourself all day. to know what you want and get it. to push yourself out into the world and engage in conversations/ situations you wouldn't normally have or be in. i unexpectedly ran into my friend at the park today and had an awesome talk. for me, i really enjoy these times because we get to talk about the things we are passionate about and get to share our experiences with one another. today i really got a lot of good insight.

Saturday, April 17

i love you

laura moore
april 1st 1989 - april 17th 2006

it was really hard to loose you. it's been a few years, but your face is in my dreams. you're a part of me in many ways now, and i've accepted that your gone. you were a beautiful friend. your love was brighter then any light and it continues to shine through my darkest days. i miss you more then anything.

rip baby girl.

Friday, April 16


i love collecting stuff like this.
what a beautiful thing to eat.
yes, i still play my gamecube religiously.

Thursday, April 15


d'anjou pears, mangoes and bananas w/ coconut kefir blackberry smoothie.

when the sun is out i'm to lazy to cook. i've been finding myself only eating raw fruits and veggies.


i have so much love for this girl.

Wednesday, April 14

my adventure with rachel

we walked around downtown for a couple hours and ate some yummy chocolate ice cream
blurry rachel
union station.
tazo tea lemonade.

tonight was a very good night.

Tuesday, April 13

day off

went to jill's to play xbox and with the kitties.
at city o' city
rachel and i shared our dinners.
oh yeah, i got a haircut today at ollie's barbershop.

sweet and sour

blood orange, red plum and kiwi.

Sunday, April 11


call of duty.

Saturday, April 10


umm, daiya vegan cheese pretty much rules.
you know i love avocado.
yummy "cheesy" quesadillas.

morning at work

what a beautiful spring day!