Saturday, May 29

zucchini hummus

fresh, raw, organic and beautifully green. inspired by choosing raw (except i used raw sunflower kernels vs. sesame seeds).

Friday, May 28

sweet action

i didn't have any, just conversation with a few friends and new friends, (okay i had a few tiny bites from josh's chocolate pecan vanilla ice cream sandwich).

Thursday, May 27

lunch with sara

first meal that was not raw this week! so delicious!
then we walked around a bit, and drank some yummy carrot, ginger and lemon juices.

Wednesday, May 26

capitol hill

raw cocoa pops with piper!
walking to the park i ran into my good friend heather. we had a good talk.
the day consisted of sun, and calm almost summer weather.
it also consisted of overcast rain. capitol hill is so beautiful. i just love walking through the neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 25


oh kyle.


almond curry nori sticks.
i pretty much love anything a coconut produces.
i seriously have been drinking a carrot, apple, lemon, ginger veggie juice everyday.

Monday, May 24


my five day shadow/ no plugs.
lately i've been waking up as early as the sun coming out. i've been trying to maximize the extra eight hours of the day i usually just throw away. it's amazing how productive you can be.

Sunday, May 23


i'm in love.

almost june

the weather is beautiful. not much is going on. summer clothes are finally coming out.

i started cleaning the yoga studio on the weekends. i get yoga in trade for my cleaning services, which is super awesome! i've been continuing to eat raw and explore many awesome recipes.

Wednesday, May 19

lunch at work

rainy spring days.
lately all i've been taking pictures of is food! it's okay it's all so beautiful and delicious. i'm so grateful of it all!

raw foods

strawberry, blackberry, basil and grapefruit smoothies. my new carafe from work.
green chard rolls. inside is guacamole, raw coleslaw, lemon and pepper.

lately i've been on a kick. eating raw foods 100% the past few days and going to the yoga studio more often has really increased my mind and body's energy.

Tuesday, May 18

spinach watermelon salad

complete with sliced almonds, pine nuts, and basil. the dressing was made with: evoo, lemon, salt and pepper.
i'm really getting into spring time recipes!

Friday, May 14


before i sleep and when i wake up, my glasses are at my side. these tools help me see the world around me. lately the world has been a little rough around the edges. despite how melodramatic my life may seem at times i still find myself waking up each day grateful. grateful, for the morals i hold true, the family by my side and all of the conscious and beautiful moments life has unfolded for me. my days have opened new doors and the experiences inside them are up for grabs. why is it that we play it safe, or not take what's in front of us?

these days, i take what is offered. life is just long enough to find happiness.

Wednesday, May 12


a small portion of my nights have been reserved for making playlists for the next day.

99 cents

will buy you a beautiful cantaloupe. yum!

Tuesday, May 11

bingo birthday

above photo was taken by ashley jennings
happy birthday kyle

Monday, May 10

bathroom inspiration

bottle cap magnet. lately i've been so fatalistic, but that is unacceptable!

spicy lemon pepper pasta

recipe from vegan yum yum! so delicious!

Wednesday, May 5

breakfast for two...

...but i'm the only one! oh well i'm used to eating seconds. lately i've been banana obsessed. tempeh bacon in the back.

new plugs

BEAUTIFUL 1 1/4" Ebony Wood from onetribe organics.. I got a little zealous when i ordered them, and they dont fit yet, but soon!

Monday, May 3


yay for vegan doughnuts.


oranges and a yummy pear.

Saturday, May 1


i personally recommend getting a neti pot. one of my favorite day to day tools. it looks pretty funny and is awkward when you are using it, but it totally works.

p.s. yes, my bathroom has a ceramic pink toilet/ sink.