Sunday, June 27


my green juice for the day.
sea shells
today i met up with my best friend rachel at the laundromat. luckily there was a nice bench outside in the shade because today was so hot! she just got back from vacation and we caught up on our latest adventures.

Thursday, June 24

park recovery

another kale salad topped with an assortment of nuts, spices, and seeds.
yummy cantaloupe!
so fleeting
after a long and crazy night it was a much needed recovery and no better way then to spend it at the park. good food, awesome people i love and the sun make for a rad afternoon.

deaf donald.

"i love you."
i re illustrated one of my favorite (but poignant) poems about love by shel silverstein from a light in the attic.

hospital & ice cream

first, i was in the hospital all evening yesterday. i was a miserable mess of a person and could barely stand or think when i called 911. after many tests (including an icky SPINAL tap) all is fine from the suspected spinal meningitis my doctor thought my symptoms pointed fingers to. i (only) walked away with a severely low deficiency of potassium and a pretty bad viral infection. i'm still pretty nauseous, sick feeling and my back is pretty uncomfortable due to needles being in it.
so what better then raw, homemade (unprocessed, no sugar) vegan chocolate cherry banana ice cream (complete with raw agave chocolate syrup) to come home to? take that hospital food. and with (only)! three bananas ( & 1/2 cup organic rainer cherries) in this ice cream i'm sure to gain the right potassium levels in no time. wow i went parenthesis crazy in this post!

Tuesday, June 22

apple salad, tomato basil soup

tomato basil soup (inspired by raw on $10 or less).
for the salad i used in season pink lady apples, sweet homemade dressing, sliced almonds, and cinnamon. both are raw and organic, lovely display of color and totally delicious.


i made a kale salad, with random scraps of veggies
and spiced avocados for lunch.

Sunday, June 20


chella and i getting our tan on in the park.
climbing trees
dirt is the cutest dog ever.
valencia oranges, my favorite!
denver pride festival
april needs to shave!

today was awesome. it was spent with some of the people i hold close to my heart. i realize that i've been connected to a very rad group of individuals that make me happy.

Friday, June 18

my neighbor totoro

mineral water over lemon
this is one of the most magical films.

at times i like to watch movies and eat all my favorite snacks by myself. sometimes it's just calling your name.

cherry season

so delicious. i washed and pitted these cherries for smoothies and ice cream i will be making this week.


i lit candles to calm my mind. i don't know what it is about summer and how it carries you to sleep. maybe its the warm breeze rustling the trees or the trains whistling in the city.

Wednesday, June 16

presents & ice cream

i made some yummy raw blueberry ice cream (inspired by raw on $10)!
these are stones my friend rachel found for me when she was camping with her parents. most of it was volcanic stone. the black one is from the black rock desert, nevada!

Tuesday, June 15


today one of my favorite regulars at the store today surprised me with some buttons to reface my old cardigans. he gave me authentic navy anchor buttons in several sizes.

sewing even the simplest things is calming.

Monday, June 14


figs in a delicious sauce made with apples.


"oh when you're smiling, oh keep on smiling.. the whole world smiles with you."
organic purple kale, and fair trade bananas

on sundays or mondays i usually prepare my meals for the following week (salads, sauces etc..) so i don't have to graze off the salad bar at work. today included making yummy blueberry nut smoothies topped with coconut.

spicy bell pepper marinara

tossed with zucchini noddles.
and sprinkled with raw almesean! fresh raw pasta before a long day is really rejuvenating.

Friday, June 11

summer jam

bone thugs
oliver and neal
neal and april
brandon and heather

we played rap/ hip hop and r&b, barbecued, tossed water balloons around and rain/ sun/ tornado drills.