Wednesday, March 31

organic strawberries

were on super sale today, so i bought a crap ton to enjoy smoothies all week.

Tuesday, March 30

march recap

good scooter weather for the most part.
veggie burgers!
max looking back at me in the back seat.
ashley j
Myself, rachel, Jordan (photo by ashley jennings)
Ashley's birthday party (photo by ashley jennings)
snow day!
"still overwhelmed with the world sometimes."
Julianne's birthday
mornings at cafe europa.
leah slack lining in washington park.
a blurry denver.

it's been a pretty long month, but i'm happy to say it was an awesome one. i feel like spring has awakened my spirit.

Monday, March 29

moving day

fell asleep/ woke up next to my glasses and goblet of fire.
tall buildings.
listening to metallica and moving all of kyle's stuff to his new place.
i was so hungry i thought i was going to die.
tazo iced tea

Sunday, March 28

dinner & ice cream

double scoops.
sweet action is seriously one of my all time favorite places in colorado.

best day ever

gotta have the mustard.
yogurt and avocados.
leah setting up the slackline.
under the sun
yeah, the ladybugs thought we were pretty chill.
today it officially felt like spring. it was beautiful and i couldn't feel any happier. i can't wait for more of these sunny days.

Saturday, March 27

Friday, March 26

janelle's housewarming

neal on the rocking horse.
casey is one of my favorite people.

vegan ceviche

zesty and delicious.

spider plants

"living in a world of weirdos."

i love grapefruit first thing in the morning. i'm growing out my spider plants babies, by putting them into little jars filled with water.

late night snacks

i love eating/ reading in bed.

Thursday, March 25

Monday, March 22


arugula, tomatoes and cucumber on rosemary sourdough.

Saturday, March 20

melted snow

all of the snow has melted so quickly. the sun surprised us all. it's funny when you expect things to be way different and it comes out the complete opposite.

i had a great conversation with someone i barely know today. it think it's really neat to gain perspective when you least expect it and for someone to make you laugh without warrant.