Saturday, July 31

salad and music

blueberries, walnuts, sesame seeds, cucumbers and one whole bunch of red kale!
i like to start my day off with a big bowl of salad and healthy dose of good tunes.

Wednesday, July 28

Raw taco's and pie

raw taco meat inspired by ani phyo's eco-lifestyle and raw foods
and for my late night sweet tooth i assembled a mini raw chocolate pie. the crust was sweet and salty and amazing tasting. i filled the crust with chocolate avocado puree and might i say it was the best way to end a long day! what beautiful food i'm so grateful of!

Lunch with Kyle

today i had lunch with kyle before yoga. it's nice to catch up.
some yummy jasmine tea!

Tuesday, July 27

energy bars

pecans, almonds & coconut
date paste
one thing i've been trying to do more is make my own energy bars. it's frustrating to waste so much plastic! anyways, i feel like i've finally perfected my own version of larabars!

wheatgrass and local peaches

local peaches from here in colorado.
this salad was full of flavor!
my organic wheatgrass started growing.

Monday, July 26

this weekend

to get back into raw i'm starting with green smoothies for breakfast!
breakfast salad: bananas, avocados, coconut shreds, grapefruit dressing and raw sunflower seeds + young thai coconut.
catch up on sleeping
at lunch with one of my favorite vegan/ friend.
summer nights on oliver's patio
oh i love ashley!
i forgot my camera cords on the plane, so i couldn't upload any pictures for the last few days until it was replaced. these are the moments in my weekend.

Wednesday, July 21

last day

on our last day in florida we walked a pier in venice beach. it was a perfect closing to a beautiful vacation.

Tuesday, July 20

beach part two

i got extremely tan.
the water was perfect everyday
here are some various pictures from our week at siesta key. tomorrow we are on our way back home. my vacation has been amazing and i got some major relaxation in!

Saturday, July 17

siesta key

beach front view
is so beautiful. i am just so grateful of this vacation. it couldn't have come at a better time. today has been a lazy day checking into the beach apartment and laying by the pool. the beach water is clear and the sand is pure white. it's like christmas in july.