Thursday, June 24

hospital & ice cream

first, i was in the hospital all evening yesterday. i was a miserable mess of a person and could barely stand or think when i called 911. after many tests (including an icky SPINAL tap) all is fine from the suspected spinal meningitis my doctor thought my symptoms pointed fingers to. i (only) walked away with a severely low deficiency of potassium and a pretty bad viral infection. i'm still pretty nauseous, sick feeling and my back is pretty uncomfortable due to needles being in it.
so what better then raw, homemade (unprocessed, no sugar) vegan chocolate cherry banana ice cream (complete with raw agave chocolate syrup) to come home to? take that hospital food. and with (only)! three bananas ( & 1/2 cup organic rainer cherries) in this ice cream i'm sure to gain the right potassium levels in no time. wow i went parenthesis crazy in this post!

1 comment:

  1. oh no, poor you:( hope you feel better soon! that icecream looks good so eat eat more of it! take care.